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Guests have a 48-hour window in which they are able to cancel a reservation without penalty. If you notice in your owner’s portal that an upcoming reservation has cancelled please let us know. If the time frame does not get rebooked and the guest canceled outside of their 48-hour window, we will pay you cancellation income based on what the guest has paid toward their reservation.
This would be classified as an owner referral reservation. When you have an owner referral, please send an email to Include the guest contact information in the email along with the following details:
  1. a) Guest First and Last Name
  2. b) Phone Number
  3. c) Email Address
  4. d) Arrival and Departure Dates
  5. e) Price for Rent that you Quoted
Please remember, there are additional taxes and fees when quoting your potential guests. This is important to avoid lost bookings due to a difference in quotes.
Guests will book your unit with the understanding the property will be available. The guest will sign a contract and make all necessary travel arrangements including flight and rental car. To preserve owner, property and company integrity we are not able to relocate guests to accommodate owner stays. For this reason it is important to book owner reservations as soon as possible. The owner’s calendar is open for approximately two (2) future years. Owner reservations can be booked via the owner portal.
Guests will book your unit with the understanding the property will be available.

Guests will have access to information on the app three to five days prior to check-in. Reservation must be paid in full and contract must be e-signed prior to this information becoming available.

We allow for cancellations with full refund within 48 hours of booking the reservation. Please understand that if you call in to cancel after the initial 48 hours, you would forfeit any funds paid up to that point.

Our company operates using accrual accounting. Revenue is reflected on the owner’s account when the revenue is earned rather than when payment from the guest is received. We pay all of our owners on or before the 15th of each month for the month that just ended. So, if the guest stays at your property in January, you would get paid on your January statement that will be released on or around February 15th.
If a guest stay covers more than one calendar month you will be paid based on the actual days stayed during each calendar month. For a reservation that checks in on 1/28 and checks out on 2/13, owners are paid for 1/28-1/31 on January’s statement and 2/1-2/13 on February’s statement.

Yes, we will provide you with linens and bath towels. Keep in mind, we offer one towel per person, so if you need extra you will need to bring some with you.

Please contact our local office for maintenance issues.
Contact the VTrips location nearest to your property and we can give you a complimentary rental revenue and assessment of your property.
We provide you a unique owner dashboard so you can review results from your properties, any day, anytime. We send you a monthly report to your email and to the owner portal.
(i.e. sleep count, bed configuration, pet friendliness, and more) Owners are encouraged to regularly update their property. With these changes, owners may wish to expand or sometimes limit certain amenities offered. While expansion is never a problem, restricting or limiting certain amenities could affect existing reservations. If an owner wishes to restrict or eliminate certain amenities, VTrips will enact these changes for all new reservations going forward. Please note that before making changes that could affect existing reservations, you must contact VTrips and verify the reservations in place that this change could affect. Your local office will work with you to ensure these changes are made to your satisfaction without compromising the guests currently booked at your property.
To work with us, please submit the following information to
  • Completed W9
  • Full Name
  • Host Travel Agency
  • IATA Number
  • Contact Number
  • Contact Address
Search our website, select properties you’re interested in, and contact our sales agents to get a real-time quote to present to your guest. You can reach the team at 844-334-4588 or at
  • Reservations must be in the guest’s name and the credit card must match.
  • The guest renting must be a minimum of 25 years old.
  • The properties you select cannot be discounted.
  • The booking must be paid in full 45 days before arrival.
  • If the reservation is not paid, a email for payment or update credit card information will be sent.
  • Refunds are only issued if the guest cancels within 48 hours of booking the reservation.

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