Prospective Owners

Dear Prospective Owners,

Congratulations! You are about to discover why the Condotel Corporation property management system is exceptional!

There are two major forces that have shaped the development of our property management program. Those two forces are our dedication to surpassing both Owners and guests expectations.

We know and understand that surpassing expectations of both owners and guests will ensure our business success. Additionally, we understand that you are entrusting us to manage, care for and protect your property while maximizing its rental income. Whether you are planning to purchase a vacation rental property and this is your first time entering into vacation rentals, or you feel this is the time to explore your property management options, we are pleased to provide you with this more in-depth review of our highly successful property management program.

If you are currently utilizing a different vacation rental company or are trying to decide which rental company you want to use, then fill out our questionnaire to compare each company at the bottom of this page, “How to Compare Rental Companies to manage your Vacation Property.” Does your current rental company charge multiple, different fees that do not make sense to you? Do you have to purchase golf or tennis packages that you will not use? Before making a long term decision, get the answers to all of your questions! Find out for yourself that Condotel Corporation offers what owners are looking for!

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Who We Are

Condotel Corporation was formed in 1994. From this humble beginning sprang a company dedicated to helping owners generate rental income and, at the same time, maintain their property. Now, as a division of VTrips, we are even more committed to make sure our rentals are given the exposure they deserve.

We understand what vacationers want and require in a vacation rental property, we dedicate ourselves to matching their needs to the perfect rental property . . . your rental property.



The services provided by Condotel Corporation are considered “Best Practices” within the vacation rental industry. The services are extensive and encompass many different areas that might not readily come to mind when placing your property on a property management program. Some of the services provided separate our property management program from other property management programs, and certainly no other program offers the scope and depth of our support.

Additionally, “QUALITY” is in everything we do for you the owner, the guest, and the many vendors we use to support all that must be accomplished in order to function at the highest level of performance. What follows is a partial list of those services. Please note that the services can be explained in greater detail once you contact us. Services include, but are not limited to: Marketing & Advertising, Owner Support, Property Services, Reservation Processing, Guest Support, Financial Accounting, Monthly Owner Statements, Year End Processing, etc.



Just a few years ago the vacation rental industry was driven by print. Each rental company produced a brochure with a photo or two of a property and a brief description. The advertising consisted principally of local and city newspapers and travel magazines. This approach to promoting vacation properties is now ancient history. Today, driven by the revolution in technology, the Internet dominates. We responded to this revolution early and Condotel Corporation shifted its marketing efforts to the website. Our website is designed for ease of use with an efficient booking engine to get our guests into booking properties quickly and securely. Our response has been to continually improve our site and, as a result, our competitors see us as the company to watch and emulate.

In addition to listing with our parent company, VTrips, we have partnered with some of the most popular and largest sites in the world to promote properties even further. You will find our properties on HomeAway, VRBO, FlipKey,, and many more. Plus, we advertise on local travel sites, too. These sites drive many vacationers to our website and to your rental property!


Rental Income

The growth of Condotel Corporation may be attributed to many factors. However, one single reason sets us apart – our ability to generate outstanding rental income. Many owners join our property management program leaving other rental companies because we deliver superior rental income not just during the peak months but throughout the year. Our owners have found that we consistently out perform their past rental companies year after year in all economic conditions.

There are reasons why we outperform the competition. You may have already read the prior sections and are about to read the next sections, but here is a good quick list of some the factors we excel in that contribute to how we perform at such a high level thus maximizing your property’s rental income: Advertising, Customer Service, Operations and Inspections, and Net Income. Be sure to request a new owner’s prospectus to get all the details on these factors and plenty more.



Condotel Corporation maintains high property standards and we want our Owners and Guests to reap the benefits. How we accomplish this is to only accept vacation properties on our program that are in very good to excellent condition. We want our Owners to be aware and agree to how we maintain and continue to preserve their valuable investment at the onset of our relationship. Your vacation property, once you have signed our contract, is treated as our own and is marketed with our name. This means we will not recommend any repair, change, or maintenance that we do not see as beneficial to you, our Guests and your investment. Our immense database of Guests has been years in the making so it is our commitment to them and to you that our standards remain high so that Guests return year after year and our Owners benefit from repeat rental income.



Maintenance — The primary concern of the Operations Department is to be proactive and to address and resolve any maintenance, repair, and general upkeep issues on your property, to ensure the guests’ experience is comfortable and safe, and to maintain the value of your investment. Our goal is to do this in a timely manner (preferably within 24 hrs) to avoid any interruption and/or dissatisfaction for our guests ensuring repeat business and avoiding refunds. Work Orders can be initiated by our Reservations and Inspection Departments, the Guest, Housekeeping or by the Property Owner. Our Operations Department will conduct the maintenance or refer it to a specialist Vendor. We aim to keep expenses to our Property Owners to a minimum, if possible, as well as maintain a high standard of quality. If the cost of the repair or replacement is less than $200, We can complete the work order without the Owner’s consent as is stated in the contract. If the cost of the repair or replacement is above $200, we will contact you for input. If you cannot be reached in a timely manner, we will proceed with the repair or replacement in order to keep the guest in your property and/or ensure the proper functioning of your property.

Housekeeping — Upon signing our contract, our Property Management team will assign a Cleaning Company to your property based on area, size, and capacity. The cost is determined by the Cleaning Company and then is charged to your property account and deducted from the owner’s portion of the owner’s income. We do not “up charge” cleaning fees as other companies do. We manage, schedule, and compensate the Cleaning Company for our Owners. Our Cleaning Companies provide towels and linens including: 1 washcloth, 1 hand towel, and 2 bath towels per sleeping capacity. They also provide a starter set of the following: roll of paper towels, dish soap, 1 bar of bathing soap per sink/tub, 1 roll toilet paper per bathroom (and what is left on the existing roll), 1 trash bag per trash receptacle and 1 dish cloth.


Inspection Program

Our inspection program is, in our opinion, the premier program and here are the reasons why. We recognize that “quality” is vitally important to the success of our business relationship, to the success of converting first time guests into return guests and to the very foundation of our property management business. Recognizing that the property must be properly cared for and maintained from every aspect, we have developed a program, an organization, staff and a culture that stresses quality at every step. We recognize that you have made a very sizable investment in your rental property and it is our mission and goal to protect that investment through the efforts of our operations department. We are dedicated to ensuring that issues will be addressed in a timely and efficient manner both from a guest and owner perspective.


Rental Information

Office Hours: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday. — There are many areas of relevant rental information. We encourage you to go to our Rental Information page here on our website or contact us for a New Owner’s Prospectus with many more details. The prospectus will take you through all the areas of rental information: Rates, Taxes & Fees, Processing/Accidental Damage Plan, Travel Insurance, Deposits and Payments, Cancellations and Refunds, Website Reservations, Check-in & Check-out, Home & Condo Equipment, Pet Policy, etc.


Owner Information

All of this information has been compiled to provide you with information. However, there are several sections of information specifically for you, the owner, that can be quite important. We know you want to read in detail about all of this information, but it is a little too much to include here. We have detailed sections in our New Owner Prospectus on all of these topics: Initial Costs, Owner Website Information, Reports, Previous Owner Statements, Reservations, Owner’s Statement, Owner’s Financial Obligation, Owner Usage and Cleaning, Owner Rentals, and Taxes. Please contact us for a copy of the New Owner Prospectus.


If Condotel Corporation, a division of VTrips, sounds like the company you want managing your rental property, please give us a call. We will be more than happy to talk to you about your property.